Because her 21st Birthday is being oddly Uneventful…

… She’s decided to expose her 20 year old self by posting some of the 30 messages in her phone’s draft folder (mostly to Kill time .) (But how dare her birthday? She looks too hot and festive-ish to be THIS bored and plotless).

Any way, in a few seconds, She’s going to reveal herself as the sort of almost-journalist who never has a pen and/or notebook and also expose her real human-ness (as opposed to the cool alien Sinister Lady y’all think she be’s).

  • 24.07.10: Letting rip.
  • 27.07.10: Relationships. Getting comfy. Letting Rip.
  • 27.07.10: (because i had nothing to write about and brokness was looming)- Article idea: Facebook is my disease. Fuckin Aids. It sells itself as an antidote for my ennui but it lies. Lies!
  • 29.07.10: Hair Nails Drugs.
  • Toni: If you’re anywhere near Araali, slug him in the neck for me :). Thanks.
  • Strong Background beat. Strongest consistent feature. Plus it has titilating little variations. yay abba…blah… was preparing my contribution to the “History of music show”. yawn.
  • Dianne: 😀 😀 😀 as you should be. Munaye my phone had fallen in the car! Couldn’t find it!
  • 04.08.10: The man’s greed reduced me to paroxysms (paraplegisms really) of laughter. I hate him. he’s repulsive AnD he’s eaten all my pringles. Hatred is so so funny.
  • 04.08.10: Wishes her mind was still running amok with faceless writhing, gyrating beings. As things are, she thinks he’s simply lost interest (whatever he says) and her bruised little heart -for the duration of this infernal bus journey) has only succeeded in noticing him more.
  • One hand Henna Stained. The other one, tattooed.
  • Fuck you cupid, you obese piece of meddling poop-hole.
  • 05.08.10: You’ve got to squeeze a modicum of dignity out of your stupidly spent self and leave. Walk. Run. Fuck. Fuck it all.
  • In this cold, My kneecaps just might explode clean away.
  • (And because i’d spent too much time on the nakowa page): Nakowa you treating me like a bothersome pet that you don’t particularly like. Worship me or get the fuck out of my bed.
  • Some business about mombasa being a whore.
  • 12.08.2010: You say I’m too extreme, but who am I to refuse the Universe?
  • Her life had become grey by imperceptible degrees.
  • 13.08.10″ Every Minute you don’t call to grovel, cajole, beg is drunk with despair for me. Saturated with…marinated in…OH fuck. This is what they’ve labelled withdrawal? What a gross understatement. Not that i WANT you to call..oh no…
  • Dianne: I can be with your ass till like…
  • 14.08.10: Kasoli stage.
  • Ernest: Bow bow* Tis how I do. Thanks for the Tupac. I want my chocies. and lunch. But what am i saying? Anorexia and I have been reacquainted. Thank goodness. (This was a lie)
  • Practically bleeding onto this kit. Of course I’m not pregnant. Then again the last kit said “maybe”. Fucker.
  • Distances are inconviniencing. Food is offensive. Fat is repulsive. Of all things, only pathos makes to hold me and I don’t shrink away (particularly horrible day)
  • I think i’m a mess. Where’s my valium?
  • 17.08.10: Woke up with her arms tightly wound around her body, chin desperately seeking to make the acquaintance of her knees. What is one to make of such? Am I being Hemorrhage- Fuel? Or that song by creed? And why is valium such a fox?
  • 18.08.10: Books. AH BOOKS. the most wonderful salve..the most soothing balm (s). Fuck i love books. Zadie Smith, tugende. Let’s go Hide in that corner over there and play.
  • 19.08.10: Sitting under a dryer. Shit. My eyes are a-melting. If the foyer of hell feels like this, I want me some religion. Ow. My neck must be crispy now. Poor ears. Poor braincells. Hat DreadLAKZ!
  • 20.08.10. Because i’ve started this year with Zadie Smith and Hornby, it has got to be better than the last, which i started off with a book titled ” How we were lost”.

There. All exposed . Now let her take a picture of her dreads. She’s a show off, see.


About Miz. Kyrte

I read, I write, I love. My favorite quote is: We're all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn't. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing. Bukowski, baby! Extremes ;-)

11 responses to “Because her 21st Birthday is being oddly Uneventful…

  1. Funny, my birthday there on the dates listed has some neat stuff against it.

    So, Facebook is what you would sing Alicia Keys’ Love is My Disease song to? ‘Cause your lyrics match. 😀

  2. Meanwhile, dreadlakz. No shit. But I bet mine are longer than yours. 😀

  3. Bore! But what am i saying? yours may be longer, but mine are kewler. THey’ve got to be.:) wait for that picture. also, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY.

    I don’t like Miss Keys, but yea. probably.

  4. I’ve always wanted to do dreadlocks. Unfortunately, no one in the corporate world is going to hire a black girl with dreads.

    Pictures! Pictures!

    Tell me you went out at night and had a whale of a time. Your friends came through for you, yeah?

    • I’ve got no friends. I’ve got arseholic, forked tongued acquiantances ( That’z what they’ve been labelled now.). But seriously, yesterday was BORING. b.O.v.A.l.E.nG!. I’m going to force people to sing happy birthday and buy me drinks at BHH!.

      I sat in father’s office all day looking like all the diamonds on this stupid planet thinking, “One of them, at least one of these fuckers will come through.” They didn’t. Not a one. So i’m going for a house party today and drinking all the liqour and pissing on the carpet. I swear.

      P.s SHYA! See those things of studying to have serious serious jobs? Now for me I think these news houses(and radio sations(i hope) will just be weeping for me to work for them). Posting pics now!

  5. Ooops. Forgot to check the notification box.

  6. petesmama

    Happy Birthday.

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