How do you keep your wits, let alone your principles about you when an insanely good looking guy, one with an ass to put all backsides to bitter shame is ripping every belief that you’ve ever held to teeny weeny unrecognizable pieces? How do you maintain the argument that, excuse me women have lives too and they don’t come custom made for the kitchen and bedroom?

Are these views that I’m holding onto so tightly changeable? Should I have agreed with his insinuation that homosexuality is unnatural? Should I have nodded vigorously when he insinuated that women headed civilizations like the Amazons were going against the very nature of things, the way God intended for things to be?


But what if by holding on to my silly beliefs I’ve cost myself an alliance (for lack of a better word)? Every woman who looks at this man lusts after his genes, man. He is just too too hot. What have I done?

What if my thinking totally changes and in two years I’m the one propagating the view that women were made to submit to men and that roles in this world are clearly defined; that abortion doesn’t even bear talking about and that according to Google’s statistics, too many Africans are having abortions? Won’t I have missed out? Haven’t I been written off (assuming that I was written IN in the first place)?

This guy is so hot; he can make marketing sound like salsa. He’s massive. He’s got the most enormous features that I have ever seen. My gosh what does he do with that entire eye? There’s only so much eye-matter that the body needs for seeing. What is he giving away in his smile? Why is it so generous? I mean…

Should I have agreed with him?


About Miz. Kyrte

I read, I write, I love. My favorite quote is: We're all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn't. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing. Bukowski, baby! Extremes ;-)

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7 responses to “Uh-oh.

  1. The short answer: Fuck no.

  2. And he might even have a cig for a troggiesnake. I know I know. Below the belt. Juvenile. Even a little bitter (because he hasn’t called back since I roundhouse kicked him with my views). S.I.G.H.

  3. Agreeing with him wudnt necessarily mean you giving up your beliefs…with a deceitful yes, u cud get 2 keep both. the man and the beliefs. Be like every 1 of us. LIE!

  4. Thank you, Arthur for presenting me with the perfect opportunity to use this line:

    *I am certain that I am nothing like the rest of you.

    FAIL. Hasn’t really worked.
    This is is the line that i was trying to rip:

    ‘I am CERTAIN that I am better than you’

    (context: This is from some movie. it was said in reply to a pathetic, whimpering ‘You think you’re better than me, don’t you?’)
    The man isn’t worth it.

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  6. If he’s worth his salt (and your time), he shouldn’t want a woman who dumbly agrees to all his biased ideas. You were the perfect yin to his yang, methinks, as they say. Too bad he didn’t notice=not worth it.

  7. Ahaha. Jhayzus. This guy turned out to be SUCH a tosser that I ended up having to avoid him. And not because of his views. He was just so…dense.

    And he hated vowels.


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