Angie  is responsible for the latest(and coolest) blogging meme, THE STATE OF ME. I’m sorry for taking so long with this and causing many kittens to die by being sat on by transformers as a result.

I have what feels like a thick razor blade in my throat. Every time I swallow, it lances through my trachea. This cold is the devil! (and also my excuse for the unedited randomness below).


I have a frustrating habit of falling deeply in love with the author of any piece of writing that impresses me. I’m also extremely impressionable. The moment I read a book, I become everybody in it. My personality flows into the noble, shrewd, melancholic, optimistic, whateveristic mold provided by the author as happily as a pig slides into a mud bath.

My latest love is Yann Martel. The Life of Pi was such a brilliant read, I’m putting all other books on hold until I write a review and put it up here.

I find the most inappropriate things (inappropriate by other people’s standards) amusing; like terror and people’s reactions to deep physical pain. For example, the look on a footballer’s face when he gets kicked in the shin. I don’t mean to laugh out loud. It just happens.

I’m kind of gross (again, other people’s standards). I’m not above spitting my displeasure at you. I pee on my feet occasionally (in the bathroom) because Madonna said it’s healthy. makes me happy. I take pictures of blood clots.

Women fascinate me. What started as a deep appreciation of the switching of skirts has escalated into an all out, raging adoration for the sex.

Women really rock.

I absolutely love people who love me. The people who fancy you are the most interesting, aren’t they?

I’m extremely territorial (Read I get mad jealous really easy).

I’m constantly reading. I’ve perfected the art of reading as I walk and on boda bodas.

I love deeply and loyally, but also selfishly. I expect returns, baby. Dishonesty, to me, is grounds for evisceration and banishment to hell. I also can’t stand pity-me-victims.

I love beauty and light. And color. And Fa-shun. I dress extremely cute, probably to compensate for my 20 years of EXTREME tomboyishness.

I fall in love with everybody at least twice.

I chop wires really fast, which is why I can’t stand Antagolosers. I believe in justice. And revenge.

I believe people are dispensable. This is a bad thing. It shouldn’t be so easy for me to slam doors on relationships. Sigh. I don’t get over people. I kill them (off).

I love flowers! And sex blogs and honest bloggers and noisy people and food.

I love young boys. The 17 year old! Wooh. I’m a cougar before my time.


17 year olds just make my eyes glaze over with giggitty.

I’m not above getting it on with fans (now that I have 😛 them. Whoop to the whoop)

I absolutely hate it when people go ‘22? Not 25,6,7,9? Really? You’ve matured fast!’ Idiots. Just because I’m not airhead Sharon, doesn’t mean I’m a fossil, all right?

I’ve come a VERY long way.

I work best with people who appreciate my work.

I love writing. I live off it.

I love God and am deeply spiritual. Just not conventionally religious (and no, this is not something I tell myself so that I can sin with a clean conscience).

Afrikan yoga has a special place in my heart (it sucks that I stopped attending the classes with Pablo at In-movement- Kansanga. I’d always get home feeling like a gymnast-eel after those sessions. So wonderfully flexible and agile. Yoga guarantees you kegels of steel. Hee.

I over edit myself in the worst way and suffer intense bouts of loss of confidence as a result. Going over your article and demanding a certain number of funnies per paragraph will do that to you.

I also fall DEEPLY in love with everybody at least TWICE. Have I said that already?

I love Adele.

I have 16 piercings. And counting.

I’m sort of a material girl. The give and take kind who expresses her love through gifts. So bambi. Don’t hesitate to show your affection by buying me books/shoes/books.

I’m the worst kind of book snob.

Words I can definitely live my life by.

I wish I cared more about current affairs. I wish I was interested in blogging about Africa, and hunger and the ozone and all that. Even my careers are mostly wolokoso. I mean seriously? Humour writing and advertising?

I love matooke and groundnuts. Matooke and anything. I can eat the peels off any amount of matooke with time.

I’m sick of people accusing me of being the Sexual Hitch hiker on ULK. I’m not she. I’m Miz. Kyrte . Because she’s many genres of awesome, I too want to pay homage.

Woman. Show yourself!

I’m extreme in the extreme. Catdog.

Happy sad, but mostly happy.

This is the state of me, as of 6.44 am, Thursday, September 1st, 2011.

P.S: I’m inviting  Miz. Moe , KampirePwinchess (ello madam. Watchu waiting for?) , and S-he  and anybody else who’d like to take part in this exercise to TAKE PART :). Grow Angela’s meme, girls.

About Miz. Kyrte

I do everything I want to do, with excellence.

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17 responses to “THE STATE OF ME

  1. You are def the coolest 22 year old I know. Not to mention, the most brilliant.
    But 16 piercings??? Where???

  2. Aww. Maureen oso you. You’re making my fingers blush. Thanks.

    My ears (which would look a lot larger without the piercings) are the bearers of the 16. I no longer wear them all at the same time- my ‘SHOCK DEM’ phase ended. When I feel up to it though, my ears contribute a considerable amount of KG-age to my body weight.

  3. You invited me! Love-lay! I’ll spend the next few days brooding over the post material. You’re a very interesting person, I envy the fans you’re not above getting it on with.

    I kept wishing this wouldn’t end.

  4. :).

    I can’t wait for your post. Moreover one brewed over a few days! Internets, prepare yourself for some scarily deep levels of awesome.

  5. Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but I am marrying him for his books…

    Also, guess who has 25 discs of Family Guy sitting in a large Stewie head? Giggity! 🙂

    Really? 22?, Not 25-6-7? You must have been very lonely amongst your peers!

    Thank you for not killing any more kitties – this rocks!

  6. Interesting state of being. 🙂

  7. After reading the Hitchhiker post, I am so very glad you are not her.

  8. Am loving this blog-stalking thingie #Angie’stateOfMe

  9. How did I miss this post??

    And you love matooke and gnuts? Chick, we are soul-mates. This will be our meal of choice when we get the munchies.

    Meanwhile, I am holding off on the state of me because my head is a thorny place at the moment. Maybe later. 🙂

  10. Oh, did I forget to mention that you are amazing? You are. You gorgeous, awesome human being. And now I shall return to pretend-working.

  11. *Grinning like a sloth on vacation XD


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